Thursday, March 13, 2008


Politics is in the limelight. A remarkable era has taken us by storm. Unexpected but “it is about time” thing that we all need at this precise moment. Maybe I should say it was a tornado. A good ONE!
For 50 years we have been plundered, bullied, cheated and worst still our safety have been discarded. I sit in a wheelchair and my mind is unable to swallow such a disgraceful deeds, done by these people who have become inhuman, and that is rightly expected of them as they have been in power for decade.
If you are reading this and expecting that our political performance to be beyond par, then you are highly mistaken. There is bound to problems, as 3 parties are involved. I hope that these leader will cooperate in manner that certain words and action must be used.
First word compromise! It has to be done as part of history lesson regarding Malaysia. 50 is long long time for majority race not to create a commotion. The powers that ruled will install virus to that which is going to rule. Simple isn’t it? That is the way I see it now – all these delays for MB.
All of us have creative ideas – they clash, they splash, they flash and they explode! Very natural.
Action – move forward together with one concept, one mind and vision.That is all I can say for now.


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