Wednesday, March 19, 2008


If you are disable person, you are supposed to live in a ‘home’ or with family members or with other disable people. It is unthinkable to live alone.

For five months I have been living alone in a low cost flat. It is a sensational experience! It is quite impossible to describe this particular scene because I am suffering from Osteogenesis imperfecta. It is a genetic disorder. As collagen is an important protein in bone structure, this impairment causes those with the condition to have weak or fragile bones.
Besides there are various other problems to watch out and to live with. That is why I say it is a ‘particular scene’.

There is something wonderful about being ‘independent’ the prospect of it is boundless, especially if one is born handicap.
True Malaysian society finds this ideologically and psychological exasperating, but that is their problem.
Suggestions of what is for my own good infuriates me. God and I know on these matters.

Oh, don’t imagine it was a smooth sailing all the way, no, there were some rough waves that came along, somehow by His amazing power the boat went through undented. I am truly privileged to have a living God walking beside my wheelchair where ever I go. Segregation, if taken seriously could become a great blessing. A characteristic reincarnation and revival of hidden insight that lays buried.


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