Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happiness And Pleasure

I have always wondered what life would be like if I were a normal person and not fettered with this disease.
Probably would have married a billionaire and do the usual stuff that billionaires do. Marrying a billionaire is much easier then trying to be one, you know. A sort of ‘short cut’.
This hypothesis developed in my fantasy world as I was growing up. There was something absolutely wonderful about this commodity call ‘money = $$$’. It has an amazing power of making one illustrious! But you must have tons and tons of it.
On the other hand, happiness is the most vital booster in the human life. There is a hint of legitimacy in the quote below:-
“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”- Abraham Lincoln
It suddenly occurred to me that happiness is something that spills out from our inner being that affects those around us. A visible and viable sight, that all is well within the soul. Our natural state of being is to be happy. When you remove all the uncomfortable emotions we humans can experience (and they are numerous), you're left with happiness.
Happiness is a belief about yourself and the outside world. Happiness is born from the interior workings of our own minds.
The core essence around it, consist in an unshakable faith in God. A simple acceptance of His existence and assistance goes a long way in this present world.
Money on the other hand, gives you pleasure, limited amount of confidence, and perhaps, satisfaction.
Happiness and pleasure. Both are in the hands of God, it is better to receive it from Him then to strive to achieve it ourselves.


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