Thursday, June 18, 2009

Salmon Lasagne

I believe we all have the most eccentric craving deep inside us that makes us do crazy things to get them. I am talking about food.
The moment we jump out of bed and after sterilizing ourselves, food is within our focus....for me it MUST BE is a nice hot cup of tea to start a bright new day.
For unknown reasons, I can’t eat breakfast, weird, I know, I’ve been criticized for it, from all quarters, so much so, that there is this system inside me that goes into “frozen” mode, whenever someone says ‘what do you want to eat” when I am sipping my booster brew in a relaxed manner.
I developed Italian taste buds some years ago when a couple took me to an Italian restaurant for a birthday treat. Those taste buds turned into ‘out of the blue cravings’ that sometimes grip me & force me into action mode. You know what I just discovered, that one cannot grapple with a grip.
Please excuse my bad manners........that is if you notice a chunk missing from the photo. It was already inside my tummy when I thought about my blog. The name of the dish is Salmon Lasagne. It didn’t meet my expectations, later I found out that the Italian chef wasn’t around so a local substitute dished it up – that explains a lot, next visit I’m going to call & double check on the Italian go!

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