Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I threw away my first digital camera a few weeks back cos it wasn’t worth repairing it. It served me quite well. I took some nice shot from it and they are stored in my pen-drive.
I am not the type to simply throw away stuff. I find it difficult to do so.........I get very sentimental about my stuffs. I bought this camera while I was holidaying at a beach resort with a friend a few years back. Of course now it is very outdated, so into the trash it had to go.
Throwing stuff away isn’t really exciting. Often, these stuffs will regenerate your memories & pull your heart-strings and make it difficult to chuck it away. I am slowly learning and excising this liberating issue with the assistance of my cleaner. “Throw throw throw........” I keep telling her in a firm voice, and I know what she is thinking.......I have lost a screw or something.............
The next item will be my second-hand motorized wheelchair – my technician tell me it cannot zoooom at top speed any more due to ripe old age
Essentially & heartbreakingly I have to part with it, but I don’t know when.

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