Monday, March 24, 2008


Just want to remind readers of this page that you might encounter grammar, spelling or other mistakes, which I may have bypassed before posting it.
Basically this blog is a combination of everything; I am not sticking to a singular ‘subject.’
Everyday life is so so exceptionally stupendous! There are times when I’m in the realms and there are times I need to be helmed. Everything interests me. My mind seems to crave and absorbed information. Biology, philology, philosophy, which can be mind boggling you know. And of course, malaysian politics. I’m thinking of taking up photography as a hobby (it is under construction at this moment) but then I have to figure out if my budget allows it. On the other hand, I enjoy reading too. Don’t know if I can jingle both of it together.
I was exposed to Malaysian politics and polices some years ago, due to unforeseen circumstances.
It wasn’t a very appetizing dessert, nevertheless, form observation and scrutinizing facts from resources I got to understand the other side of ‘the coin’ in our wonderful country. The conclusion, malaysian politics stinks and sting!
Let us ALL hope the political scene will improve step by step. I sincerely hope every malaysian will rise up to voice out injustice and not harp for unethical status, which in my opinion is very infantile, primitive, bias and prehistoric. A matured country does not uphold racism or chauvinism


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