Monday, December 08, 2008

It was good to wake up late today. For the past few weeks I was moving in a speed that put a strain on my physical posture. It will resume in few days time as I am having a short break now, In January I should be back to my normal routine, as my studying/observing tenure will be completed by then.
I know that my body cannot stand too much pressure, never the less I need to break the normal habitual system to experience some sort of stupefaction in my life. Incomprehension is part of the parcel in life – we cannot understand the perplexity of it, we shouldn’t try – I don’t.
I’m filled with admiration for a few of my disable pals. It is a tough life, living and in an environment that is still has a hostile attitude towards them. I guess we are unique in our coordination – the way we do and handle things in life. Yes we have techniques. Honestly, I am honored to have been given this opportunity to mingle with this group. I have someone to thank, his name (he says that isn’t his real name – must be a spy) is Thomas Low – he is a talented persuader. He first hooked me and then
fixed transportation for me without a hassle – that is a rare feat!


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