Monday, July 28, 2008

Yesterday I attended a meeting on public transportation issues of the disabled. Frankly most of us are fed up at the sordid treatment that was rendered by the government towards the disable community.
The disable advocators are all luxury car owners, so their concept is just to appear in the media and gratify the organizers. These disable advocators are a nuisance for those who really want to see issues implement at a lightening speed. Frankly I am too disgusted by some of these advocators. Why, because they compromise a lot, for their own benefits. They have become corrupted by greed and crave for power in leadership. They now practice unspeakable tactics to underscore and dent another disable person, much to my chagrin, this is such a poignant affair, the disable in Malaysia have yet to progress to attain a quality lifestyle.


The Hedonese said...

Hi Carol! nice to see your blog at last... Its very nice and keep up the good work. ur amazing:)

mentioned in merdeka sermon that u need all the help u can get to kick off the tuition class at angsana flats :D

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