Tuesday, July 01, 2008

There is something very contemptible about the disable originations in our country, the leadership is very egotistic and conceited. Leaders, with amateurish and repulsive mentality are steering this ship. I guess that is why the disables are facing so many problems, in terms of developing their lifestyle.
The politics within the disable community is certainly unbeneficial to a normal disable person, seeking to enlarge his vision or to build his self-image. I encountered countless problems and unintelligent advice from fellow disable leader in my five years of rapport with them.
I was glad that the entire incident didn’t cause me to have any psychosomatic disorder, thanks to all the books I had read and the Bible that seem to come out alive with miraculous answers.
I am now taking a well deserved sojourn from all of them. God has provided a cozy nest for me – for the moment till the next step………


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