Friday, September 04, 2009

I am flabbergasted.

Recently, I experienced some disturbing glitches which marred my mood. It stained my mind & disfigured my ego a bit.
There are some traits in people that I find hard to tolerate, my patient just wean off at the mere sight of their faces. It sounds hash, but sometimes these characters ask for it. I have known that personality is the most difficulty area to handle where humans are concern, especially from those who have a 3rd world mentality. These are the one who do not allow their brains to function in a manner that will benefit them. Their sloppy performance and accomplishment are a sorry sight. This realization hit me so unexpectedly & left me bewildered.
I do not know why again and again I’m startled & horrified by such people. Hundred questions zooms into my head with zero answers – I am flabbergasted.


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