Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fed UP

The disable organizations in our country is suffering a epidemic that is far dangerous then H1N1. The virus within these organization is known as DISUNITY. Due to this vigorous virus among its leaders, the disables are always losing its battle for a better lifestyle. The leaders having attained ‘short lived grandeur’ lose its main battle as their vision has been blurred, so we have Ministers making all sorts of comments and disable organizations responding with various hypothesis statements. Making the whole issue insignificant.
It is a common knowledge worldwide that public transportation in very imperative and crucial for everyone, much more for the disables.
So, instead of solving the principal problem. These leaders from these organizations squabble among themselves and lose significant attention from the authorities. The issue becomes stale as time flies, meanwhile these disable leaders find other things to occupy their attention. Rising funds for their organization and attending meetings to represent the disable community who are still stuck with the same old mud.
The cost of living has shot up so tremendously and in reality the disable need to work. To meet this need, public transport must be made available as soon as possible for the disable, unfortunately, our so called leader don’t seem to realize this urgency as they are NOT AFFECTED BY IT.
There is therapy for this issue. A sole minister must shoulder this responsibly. The disable organizations will only create havoc for the disable community who are scattered. Many disables and can’t even attend events that are organized for them, due to the lack of transportation. These organizers will just organize functions only. How crude?
I may never live to see the day that public transport is made disable friendly. Such dreams will never materialized with the present government & captains of disable organizations – their bottom are stuck firmly to their seat. This is a sordid issue for the disables but a amusing one for the leaders.
I have written about this before, but i felt the need to refresh the memory of my readers........once again.

Minister comes under fire for disabled mindset comment


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