Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heat Wave

The dreadful heat wave is messing up my fine-tuned schedules that I’ve laid down in my planner. In fact it is affecting my ‘working cum home-life’, in a way that is beyond my control.
I get a splitting headache if I exert a bit of brain power, then for reasons unknown I get triggered off by high dose of irritations, as my work involves speaking to people, this unexpected and outrageous surge is too dangerous for words.
I drip like an ice-cream to every simple chore that I do around the house, looking as if I was bailed out of some labour camp, not to mention the stinky aroma that whiff around my nose.........then there is this astonishing surge to lie on my blessed bed with the doors shut & air-con on and play “sleeping princess” without a care in this planet, that over-heating, due to man’s covetousness. Yap I get these surges when I’m in the midst of doing something, which cannot be postponed. A chronic urge indeed.
Life has to move on, as the saying goes, so I’ll move on, at a slower speed


Mikes said...

Go and Move On! Don't allow anything to stop you!

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