Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Community service

The chronic weather for the past few weeks have kept me indoor. Now we are going to experience the ‘heat wave’ and I hope I don’t wrinkle up, like a dry leaf. This annoying phenomena is most exasperating because we cannot control it, like I do to the fan in my living room. I don’t think I am going to enjoy “the heat wave”. Another spectacle and alarming news to top up the heat wave is the swine flu. It looms formidable!
I am going gallivanting despite the redoubtable & passable swine flu and heat wave. Why? Well I can’t stay indoors for long as I get fidgety. My buddies are going to roll up their eye balls up & say “why la you…….” & I’ll pretend to be twitchy about it, besides I love gallivanting……..
Community service, the kids in the picture are at my place for English lessons. I guess you call it community service. These kids are very very excited about me being their English teacher – who wouldn’t be, I am a rare looking specimen – not the normal two legged ones that are rendering the same service in another block. I enjoy teaching these kids as I love kids, babies, (not when they howl) dogs & cats as long as they are cute & clean.
The kids in my block are truly amazing. Luxury is word that they may dream about, but one advantage they possess, surviving against the odds. Poverty can either develop or destroy a life. Given the right opportunity these kids will have a better lifestyle then the unfortunate and privileged ones. Rich kids take everything for granted and parents are forever pampering them (I am not saying all parents do that.) but I cannot help noticing that the contrast is vast between the kids in my church and the kids in my block, I can never blend them together and that is for sure.
The government on the other hand seem to have a low concept for the poor – just take a look at their Education system – there is no evidence of visible improvement in their system.


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