Thursday, March 19, 2009


Friday the 13th. I jotted down “MATTA FAIR” in my diary. Friday the 13th. Woke up to a wet morning – in fact I had difficulty in getting my body to cooperate with the activities of the day as it still wanted to be in bed!! No, it isn’t an excuse – believe me.
So why was I going to MATTA fair, I wasn’t looking for a cheap, freaky and rush rush holiday. Not my style. There are some things that needed to be experienced & I felt that this is one of them. Well, as I expected, the MATTA fair didn’t have any packages for the disable community. I found that quite heart-breaking, I was tempted to feel cynical about it, but I didn’t. Like they say there is a story in both side of a coin.
Overall, I enjoyed the day. By mid noon it was crowded, I had difficulty moving around with my motorized wheelchair, a thought hit me at that moment, “hey, aren’t we facing economy downturn?” these guys are here, itching to spend $$$. That was something.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol - I have been in Adelaide - my son played the lead role in one play, my daughter made her debuit as a playwright - Pat my husband turned 76, I had a break from work, and our cat barely missed us - so it was a buzz. Now in Melbourne, Saturday, and incredibly hot - still about 33 degrees and it is after 10 pm - yet a week ago it was under 20 and cold... i love your blog! lenore

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