Monday, March 30, 2009

1:27:09 am night is still young

1:27:09 AM Night is still young………for me.

“15 candidates for Bukit Selambau by-election”

Oh wow, the political bug has bitten me. Trying to figure why on earth would a candidate pay RM8,000 deposit and not mean business about it. This is a poignant and fraudulent affair. The sudden increase of independents candidates, sure smells fishy to me. They sound like counterfeit.
Our country is in a very pathetic situation – where politics is concern. Many Malaysian are very very apologetic about it, ask them, and this is a reply you will hear; “what to do lah” and all “lahs” will come out.
Metamorphosis is a favourite topic but never really flaunt by our ministers.
I believe changes will take shape, but it is going to take a long long time, corruption and ethical values cannot overlap each other. It will be good to see how the people handle this small election - are they any wiser?


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