Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Motives – A very troublesome ‘word’, a negative & a positive expression, that occurs in certain phrase in our life. In mine too.
When we do weird things – so un-logical to the observers. When I do bizarre things, such as living alone in a flat, I was bombarded from all quarters. It wasn’t a realistic idea, in fact some of my friends were very alarmed. I am worshipping a “A living God” that all that matter to me.

There is a reason for everything we do under the sun or under our roof. Doesn’t that ring a bell somewhere in our mind, it does to me, I must have heard it or read somewhere, sometime ago.
Sometimes I am amaze how our brains can work, and I suddenly realize motive is brewed within the brain – that depends on circumstances one is in, motives draws suspicion, an automatic tendency that surfaces without any shove. I experience this a couple of years back, my brain scrutinize the situation in a most amazing manner. A lesson you can’t learn from a text book.
When large corporations give big money to a political campaign, we suspect an ulterior motive. In so many areas, we naturally look for the hidden agenda behind gifts, personal endorsements, and even good manners. It is only natural to evaluate all these with the boundaries of our mind.
One of the amazing lessons I learned is bad motives can put honorable actions to shame just as good motives can turn even the most menial task into something noble. The Bible emphasizes this in the most astounding way and manner.
At the moment I have stopped being concerned about the motives of others, people will always be people and people will have their own motives.


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