Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hypocritically Amazing

I never liked reading the newspaper because I doubt their sincerity and intelligibility of it. Journalist these days have a problem understanding simple languages, be it Malay, English, Tamil or Chinese. I personally know a few who can really ask dumb questions. Their ignorance of exposing vital facts and information is an annoying factor that I abhor.
Maybe I don’t understand their job, or maybe I’m too harsh on them or maybe ……….. who care, all I know is that Malaysian journalist are the most republishing lot.
This piece of news didn’t really shock me – I’m far beyond that stage, it shows how sordid and repellent the pervious government was towards its citizens
The way the journalist wrote it – it sounded like a placid issue. Spending RM27m in fifty days! How sagging Barisan Nasional assemblymen can be. Escaping penitentiary too!
I sincerely wonder how the Barisan Nasional assemblymen could deceitfully and so hypocritically get away with all, maybe it is the sculpture of writings, journalist are so passive in their report……..well……… flaccid and flabby words, sure makes my skin crawl!

RM27m for Selangor burned up in 50 days!
Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Star news paper

KLANG: The 54 Barisan Nasional assemblymen in the previous administration spent their total annual allocation of RM27mil ringgit for 2008 in just 50 days from the beginning of the year, said Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu.
"There was shock and disbelief when the state executive councillors found out that an annual allocation of RM500,000 each, meant for repairing roads and drains, had been used up by February," he said.
He said the state government would ask all the 36 former Barisan assemblymen and the 18 who retained their seats to explain how the allocations, meant for minor repair works in their constituencies, were used.
Liu, who is State Local Government, Study and Research Committee chairman, was speaking to reporters after a visit to the Klang Municipal Council here on Monday.
He said Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim decided last week to seek an explanation from the asemblymen to ensure accountability.
“All the letters to the assemblymen would be sent out within the week and they must give detailed accounts on how the allocations were used and who the contractors were who carried out the minor projects within their neighborhoods,” Liu said.
“We are not satisfied with the way allocations were used. We want to know how the rate-payers' money was used. But for now, we are not going to speculate on their spending trends. We will wait to see the outcome,” he said.
Ronnie said the assemblymen in the current government were now forced to ask for a fresh RM500,000 to provide the necessary services to their constituencies.
“We are going to come out with a new method where every sen spent will be accounted for. Our aim is to provide transparency, so, that the rakyat can check on the government’s expenditure,” he said.


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