Saturday, February 14, 2009

The coup

It is exasperating to see such political turmoil in Perak. Injustice always infuriates me. The coup is play of powers, Power is very attractive to everyone who holds it, and power is menace, a troublemaker. It can terrorize anyone or everyone.

Political power when goes unchecked, issues gets underdone and undercooked. I have always felt that people play a crucial role where political theme are exhibited, sadly the people had demonstrate temperate attitude towards such matters. Malaysians must realize that the ‘power’ is in their hands.

There are times I wonder if Malaysian politicians are creatures of compassion or homicides humans. To cause unnecessary hardship to fellow humans, invoke my antipathy and for a charistian, as I’m – that is bad. I know politics is rarely clean, when there is a good one, the bad one will desire to annihilate it, by hook or by crook, you can be sure of it, hundred percent.

Hopefully, as we tussle with this issue of unclean politics in our country, may the generation ahead wrestle all the malice politicians out of our system for good. Sounds impossible – right!


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