Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up up up and away it goes

Up Up Up and away it goes, so our $$$ is vanishing at a speed of a jaguar Toning down our expenditures is quite mind-bogging these days, people who earn 4 figure salaries are crying ‘foul’. I have to survive on a 3 figure income and refrain from screaming ‘unfair’ ‘injustice’ and ‘intolerable’. This can be quite stressful for the my brain – you know, especially if you wheelchair bound individual. People tend to look at me as entity, without any personality or temperament, something like a casing. they think that being handicap is a ‘worry free’ lifestyle. We eat grass and drink air to sustain our life!!! Mana ada lah?
As I mingle among assorted troupe, my scrutiny is expanded and modified, so there are pros and con when I am among the various communities. This is an eye opener for me.
On my visiting rounds at University Hospital – the invisibility of christians in this place is really heartbreaking matter. The hospital is overflowing with muslims nurses and doctors. Many of then are generously kind & cooperative. I am a Christian and this finding makes me very unhappy. And I’m sure it will definitely make God unhappy too. Churches today seem less interested in investing quality time for the ‘people of the world’ but are hyper active within the four wall of their church. This sometimes agitate me. Christians have become frantic perfectionist within the church atmosphere. This is not a pleasant thing to say about my fellow believers and I am not saying this due to any inferno complex. I have visited churches in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, the picture is still the same. When Jesus said go and preach the gospel – we have to go OUT to do it. Jesus Christ mingled with all kinds of people, the church only mingle with selected sect, They name it ‘the marketplace’ personally I find this ironic. Of course there is always the theological argument and answer for this issue – that is for you to decide.
We are going to face some kind of financial calamity, and I must confess this is a disturbing thought for our country which isn’t developed yet. I haven’t explored any method on stretching the dollar – frankly I have to leave in God’s Hands. Absolutely impossible on my part! It would be wonderful if the churches radiant God’s love and blessings instead of moving in hectic speed. People out there need to see God in this difficult time we all going through.


Product of the System said...

Truly respect and admire your strength and passion in life.

You're an inspiration to many.

Keep on writing.


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